October 1, 2014

Scheme 2013 Report

25 awardees of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2013 completed all the elite training programme offered by the Scheme, including Overseas/Mainland Attachment Programme, Mentorship Programme, Local Internship Programme and Service Project Programme. With the broadened industrial and international perspectives, they determined to devote into innovation and technology industry as their lifelong career.   The Report recording their sharing is published. Please click here to download.
September 4, 2014

Summer Holiday with Full of Science

The new school year has just started. Would these students enjoy their science class more? In the summer holiday just passed, 3 awardees of the Scheme 2014, Chu Man Yat (Jack), Tang Ho Yuen (Eric) and Lam Lam, have held several self-designed workshops in HKFYG Youth S.P.O.Ts. The primary school students tried some science challenges and learned the way to do science observation. Some of them have even tried to build “bridges” like a Civil Engineer does. The awardees of the Scholarship Scheme will continue to serve our community, in order to nurture the interest of science in the younger […]
July 9, 2014

Kickoff! 2014 Service Project Programme

After her works on programme development and preparation, Wong Ka Lai (Vox), an awardee of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2014, is the first one this year to provide service to the society. Vox has visited Tsing Yi Trade Association Primary School on 9 July to organise a workshop about “Friction” for a group of P.3 to P.5 students. Through the interesting experiments, the students got new ideas of this indispensable Physics phenomenon. Together with the assistance of Yeung Kai Chung (Alan), another awardee of the Scheme, these 2 young talents has provided the class a joyful science lesson. […]
April 16, 2014

Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2014 – Award Presentation Ceremony

Thanks for the guests to participate in the Award Presentation Ceremony of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2014 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 16 April 2014. 25 distinguished science undergraduates from local universities have received their certificates. Including the awardees in the past 3 years, 100 students have been benefited by the Scholarship Scheme cumulatively.   Other than a scholarship of up to HK$150,000 for awardees to attend Overseas/Mainland Attachment Programme, they will also participate in Local Internship, Mentorship and Service Projects in the coming months.   It is honour to have the unfailing […]
October 20, 2013

2013 Service Project – InnoCarnival @ Science Park

9 days InnoCarnival had been successfully launched in Science Park. Some of our awardees had offered 20 workshops in 4 days among the InnoCarnival. Their specially designed science workshops had attracted over 350 primary and secondary students, parents and children to join. The workshops allowed them to enjoy the fun of science through participating interesting science experiments.     
October 19, 2013

2013 Service Project – InnoTech Month Roadshow @ CityPlaza

5 awardees had organised 6 science workshops on 19 October at CityPlaza for the InnoTech Month 2013 Raodshow to promote InnoTech among the public. They had integrated science into daily lives, designed interactive games and little experiments so as to arouse interest among the children. They had also successfully passed on the knowledge from one generation to another. 14 more awardees will organise 20 science workshops in the InnoCarnival 2013 held in Hong Kong Science Park on 2-3 & 9-10 November. Come and support us!
September 28, 2013

Gathering of awardees in medical study with Dr Bill Chan

Thanks for the support to our youth from all over the society, the group of medicine awardees of the scholarship had an opportunity again to learn from experts on 28 September 2013. In the afternoon, Dr Bill Chan, Chief of Service, Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Hospital Service Director (IT&T), and Miss Janet Wong, JP, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, have joined a special gathering with 10 young doctors or medicine undergraduates to share their experience and insight about the field. The gathering nurtured these new forces in medicine industry a lot.  
May 6, 2013

Alumni Gathering with Distinguished Personalities

To achieve success in innovation and technology industry, students do not only need to work hard in their own profession, but they also need to gain their knowledge in other fields, and learn from other successful people. The Scheme Secretariat organised a gathering for the awardees and alumni on 4 May 2013. In the gathering, three special guests from different professions were invited to give the students seminars. Moreover, mentors and committee members of the Scheme have also attended and mingled with the youths. Seminars by Special Guests Mr Denis Tse (Head of Private Investments – Asia & Venture Capital, […]
April 18, 2013

Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2013 – Award Presentation Ceremony

Coming to its third year, 25 distinguished undergraduates from local universities have been awarded at the Award Presentation Ceremony of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2013 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 17 April 2013. They will each receive a scholarship of up to HK$150,000 to participate in a series of initiatives including Overseas Attachment, Local Internship, Mentorship and Service Projects. With the unfailing support by renowned personalities and various organizations, awardees are given a top class opportunity to equip themselves to take the challenges in the field of innovation and technology.  It is hoped […]