November 30, 2017

Service@InnoTech Month 2017

16 awardees of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme supported the annual “InnoTech Month 2017” which was held successfully in Oct to Nov this year by sharing their knowledge in science and technology to the public! These young talents held 32 self-designed science workshops for children in the InnoCarnival at Hong Kong Science Park and Roadshows at Olympian City and Kai Tin Shopping Centre. The themes of the workshops are diversified, including construction science, medical technology, somatic science, microbiology and chemistry, etc. With the lively and funny experiments designed and taught by our awardees, the children were benefited by these […]
April 25, 2017

Award Presentation Ceremony 2017

The Award Presentation Ceremony of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2017 has been held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 25 April 2017. 25 outstanding local undergraduates have received their certificates.   Other than a scholarship of up to HK$150,000 support to each awardee for Overseas/Mainland Attachment Programme, they will also participate in the Mentorship Programme, Service Projects and Optional Local Internship, in the coming months.     It is honour to have the unfailing support by renowned personalities and various organisations, awardees would widen their vision and enhance experience in their industry by the initiatives […]
February 15, 2017

Service Project Programme outside the Classroom

12 awardees from the IT Scholarship Alumni Association served as judges, referees and game booth hosts at the 2017 Hong Kong FLL Robotics Tournament, a territory-wide Competition for local primary and secondary school students, on 11 February (Saturday) at the Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee). Awardees are encouraged to give back to the community with the knowledge they possess by carrying out service projects such as giving Science & Technology-related workshops to the younger ones at schools and community centres. Interested schools and centres may contact the Secretariat for further discussion.
September 5, 2016

Service Project Programme at Precious Blood Children’s Village

On 4 September 2016, two awardees of InnoTech Scholarship 2016, Ti Chun Hang Eden and Choy Lok Yee Lois, visited the Previous Blood Children’s Village to organise two InnoTech workshops, namely “Ice-cream Fun Day” and “Secret of Blood” for a group of girls of the village. The workshops guided the girls to explore science through different interesting experiments. All awardees of our Scholarship Scheme will serve the community with their knowledge. If any school or organisation is interested in this Service Project Programme, please contact the Scheme Secretariat for a discussion.
August 19, 2016

Service Project Programme – “The Little Computer Engineer Workshop”

Before the end of 2016 summer holiday, another 2 awardees of InnoTech Scholarship 2016, Chiu Mang Tik Dicky and Kong Whole Dux Samuel, visited the Jockey Club Tin Yiu Youth S.P.O.T. to organise InnoTech workshop for a group of primary school students, with the assistance of another awardee of the same year, Karim Kamaruddin. This time, the 3 awardees taught the students to create a programme of electronic game through the Arduino microcontroller. All awardees of our Scholarship Scheme will serve the community with their knowledge. If any primary school or secondary school is interested in this Service Project Programme, […]