Awardees of the Scholarship 2024 will be supported to attach to one or more overseas/ Mainland universities/ institutions between 1 June 2024 and 31 July 2025. At least one of the awardee’s trips must be longer than 3 weeks. Also, at least one of the programmes should be in Mainland China. The exact timing and duration for the attachment programme may vary depending on a number of factors, including –


a. preference of the home university (i.e. the awardee’s university in Hong Kong) and the awardee concerned;

b. length of attachment as offered by the host university (i.e. the overseas/ Mainland university); and

c. cost of living at the host city, etc


The home university is responsible for helping the awardees to identify suitable universities/ institutions. Awardees will not be restricted by the number of trip and format of the programme(s) as long as the programme(s) is supported by the teaching staff of their home university.


Based on the maximum amount of HK$150,000, the home university is requested to work out the most ideal package for individual awardees. The funds will be granted based on the realistic budget projection provided by the awardees with the endorsement of the home university.