Upcoming Event – Award Presentation Ceremony 2019

The Award Presentation Ceremony of Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2019 will be held in the afternoon of April 1, 2019 at 4 pm in the Conference Hall, 2/F of the Central Government Offices, to recognize the outstanding achievement of the awardees in the field of Innovation and Technology.
     Within the coming year, they will be supported by maximum HK$150,000  to attach in the world’s top institutes in overseas or Mainland China, and with a chance to experience living in an academic environment outside Hong Kong.  Each awardee will be matched with a well-known scholar as a mentee receiving precious guidance in their learning process. In addition, the Scholarship will also provide awardees with the opportunities to take internship locally and make use of what they have learned to apply to local community works. The awardees will be able to take advantage of the valuable experience gained in the coming year to bring more contributions to the future society and scientific community.