Chit-chat InnoTech with Dr Michael Sham on Palliative Medicine

The Alumni Association of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme has been grateful for the sharing of Dr Michael Sham Mau-kwong, who is one of the local pioneers in Palliative Medicine practice, at a tea gathering with 19 awardees on 19 August 2017 at HKFYG Fat Choy restaurant.


In the gathering, Dr Sham shared the challenges that he faced throughout his career and the key to the success of establishing the Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine. He also reminded the new forces in medicine industry to treat patients with love, care and respect.

Besides, the youths also shared their experiences and views about the topic: “How does innovation and technology improve human life?” Everyone in the group has seized the chance to share their insights and exchange knowledge. The gathering has come to an end with inspirations for the Scholars.


Chit-chat InnoTech is an activity created by the Alumni Association of Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme. In each gathering, a successful personality will be invited to have a sharing with a small group of awardees, so as to facilitate experiences and knowledge sharing across fields.